Good morning, strangers. We're back today with another edition of Yahoo! Answers. People were not very helpful with my questions below. Sigh. Also, Yahoo! Answers deleted almost all of these questions already. Things are not going well for the Queen of Colors's's's Yahoo! Answers account. She is getting pretty twice up the barrel, once down the side about it, if you know what I mean.

Question 1: How do I do a wire transfer to Nigeria? So I just got this letter in the mail and I found out that I'm related to this prince in Nigeria that just died! I feel like I've just won the lottery! I thought all of my ancestors were from Ireland and Scotland. Goes to show how little you know about your roots sometimes! Anyway, they need me to "wire transfer" some money to Nigeria so they can send me my inheritance. Anyone know how to do this???

1. Congratulations on your luck! You will have to give them your banking info so they can cover the initial costs of transferring the money to you. I had a similar scenario happen to me not to long ago, so I know it takes a few months to get your loads of wealth. They will probably take out all the money in your account, this is normal so don't worry. I guess it just costs a lot to get everything worked out over there. Have fun with your new found wealth! ~Elli

2. Awesome! Me too! We're totally related!! We should totally meet up and arrange a trip out there to see our relatives! I bet they'll be so surprised and pleased to see us. As for the wire transfer, I'm super tech savvy (and smart)...just give me your information and I'll handle everything for us together. I'll even cut you a deal on the cost (it usually costs about $2000 for a wire transfer, but since we're family I will only charge you $1000). ~Katniss

3. Transferring to Nigeria is a pain but it's much easier to transfer to America. I'm pretty experienced at it though so if you transfer it to me first then I can send it to Nigeria for you. ~Jordan

4. Well, if Nigeria is across the ocean, I'm not quite sure they even have wires leading to their banks like here in America. You might need to find a way to do this electronically or through satellites. ~Kristie

5. Just make sure you send them your account number, pin number, probably your social security just to be safe. Enjoy being a wealthy man! ~Jade

Question 2: Why does my cat keep coming home? I decided it was time to get rid of my cat, Trixy. I have been dropping her off in remote locations but she always finds her way home. I have even started blind-folding her so she can't see the route. Is there anything else I can try? I can't let her come back. Not after what she did. Never again.

1. You need to put her on a Greyhound bus that doesn't make a stop for a long time. Yeah she might make it back, but unless she can figure out the bus system it will take a very long time. ~Yate

2. Whatever she did this can't be the right decision! She is prolly scared to death! You need to take her to a home if you really can't just forgive her! ~Amanda

3. Try mailing her to Canada. See if she can navigate the postal system! ~Brad

4. It's about time someone started standing up to these abusive creatures! ~Dave

5. What is the matter with you! I bet you think your so good a cat owner and you dont even love your cat when there is love it doesnt matter what they do! ~Minds

Question 3: Will a bank let me open an account for my cat Trixy? I want to open an account for my cat so she can have money for herself to buy food or shoes or something but I don't know if there are any banks that aren't prejudiced. I also need to make sure that she can't take money out of the account without my permission because she isn't responsible enough.

1. You can open accounts and list her as a beneficiary and just put money in that you want to spend on her. Good luck! ~Glad

2. Who are you to say she isn't responsible enough? How would you like it if someone said that about you? Maybe you should just try to give her a chance sometime? ~Tami

3. How would she even be able to take money out of the account that doesnt make any sense what kind of bank would let a cat take money from the bank oh and i bet your going to say that im just prejudiced well thats so stupid. ~Myla

Question 4: Which airlines will assign a buddy for my cat so she doesn't have to fly alone? I want to send my cat Trixy to visit her aunt in Florida this spring but I'm worried about sending her alone since she has never traveled by herself and I don't think she would know where to go at the airport. Will the airline assign someone to sit with her and make sure she gets to her gate?

1. No. Trixy will be on her own. Just make sure to tie her luggage to her leg and show her a really good map of the airport before you drop her off.  ~Tyson

2. Um . . . cats can't fly alone I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even be able to wear a seatbelt.  ~Lara

3. Why are you sending your cat to stay with someone in Florida? It's not a child. She doesn't need to visit your relatives. ~Jared

4. If Trixy can't make it through the airport on her own she'll probably be too much trouble for her aunt in Florida anyway. I would just let her go and see how this plays out.  ~Brad

Question 5: How do you ask a question on Yahoo! Answers? I have so many questions I need to ask about my cat Trixy on Yahoo! Answers but I can't figure out how to do it. Help!

1. Here's what you do. Go to the top where it says . . . hey! Wait a minute! ~Liz

2. Uh you know you just asked a question right? ~Brian

3. You are either really stupid or really creative. Either way you have too much time. ~Rob

4. I wish you didnt know how to ask questions on here ~Myla

Ouch, Myla. Just ouch.

~It Just Gets Stranger