Ok, first of all, I know! Today is supposed to be a pictures and distractions post. I know the schedule guys. I'm the one who created it. And now I'm practically ruining your childhoods. Even though your childhoods have already happened for most of you. I'm basically going back in time and ruining them for you. I'm heading back to Palau in 2 days. I promise I'll get back on schedule next week. It's been a little crazy around here lately.

Late last night I met Jolyn at a coffee shop in Salt Lake City. I believe that someone should probably try to pass a piece of legislation that makes our meeting up with one another illegal. Every time I spend what should be a pleasant evening with Jolyn, I end up waking up the next morning screaming as everything that happened finally hits me.

Jolyn suggested that we play truth or dare at the coffee shop, which just ended up being a game of "dare" because neither of us really care to find out any information about one another. We went to Facebook to ask you if you had any good ideas and within seconds the answers came pouring in. I can't believe so many of you were up so late on a school night!

Some of the dares would have gotten us beat up or arrested. So we thought we would work up to those.

Jolyn hopped up onto a chair and did the chicken dance.

Then I creeped over to the next table to take a sip out of this man's cup.

This guy mostly seemed weirded out by us. And I don't understand why? But he did later ask us if we would invite him to one of our parties sometime.

I hate how much we get hit on in coffee shops.

We did a few other things, including eating many packets of sugar, attempting to get behind the counter to take a customer order (this did NOT go well), and approaching two D-list celebrities I spotted right when we got there and trying to maintain a conversation with them for more than 5 minutes while staring at their foreheads the whole time.

Eventually the place closed and Jolyn and I decided to spend the next hour of our lives stalking I mean finding out where the D-list celebrities live I mean going for a pleasant drive through some neighborhoods. This involved the running of many red lights and the screaming of many things such as, "THAT'S THEM GETTING INTO THE CAR! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!"

Eventually our attention was captured by one house we passed, whose front window looked like this:

~It Just Gets Stranger