I need to be quick today because I have spent 987 of the last 72 hours on planes and I am CRANKY. Ok, not really that cranky. Because I stopped sweating for the first time in 6 months. And how can you be cranky when you've stopped sweating for the first time in 6 months?

The trip from Palau to Salt Lake City went without too much drama, although it did require 4 flights, 3 long layovers, 2 days, and a partridge in a pear tree.

When I got to the airport in Salt Lake, I immediately started shivering and I have not stopped since.

About 38 seconds after landing, I messaged my sister Krishelle and demanded that she escort me to the nearest mall where we wandered for 3 hours just staring at all the stuff that there is to buy in this wonderful world.

Stuff is incredible. Guys. Don't take stuff for granted.

Anyway, Sunday was a very strange day. I attended church with Bob and Cathie in the morning and Mitt and Ann Romney just happened to be visiting that congregation for the day. I got to meet them briefly, which was so weird because I don't think I've ever met a famous person before. And I think one should not reach the age of 28 without meeting a famous person.

Anyway, I recognized as soon as I met them that I needed to suppress the urge to immediately tell this to everyone I know because all of my friends in Palau who aren't Mormons really don't need another thing to perpetuate the idea that all Mormons in the world know each other.

But whatever. I met famous people. And it was exciting. And they were charming and sweet. And their hair and skin looked impossibly flawless. And I tried to get them to take me home with them. But they heard me in the back of the car and kicked me out at the next stop light.

Sunday evening I was interviewed by two hysterical ladies who have a radio show they broadcast once a week. Check them out if you've got some time to kill. The recording of the show is here. I come in in the second hour of the broadcast.

And one last thing, tickets are up for The Porch's show, which is this Thursday evening. You can find those here. I understand that the last couple of shows have sold out online a day or two in advance so if you really plan on coming, you may want to get your tickets now. And if you do come, be sure to hang around after and say hello and tell me what a great job I did and how I totally don't look like I've gained 23 pounds since moving to Palau and how that zit growing on the side of my neck that is the size of a fist is hardly noticeable even though when I was leaving Palau Daniel told me he hoped I didn't have to purchase an extra ticket for it on any of my flights.

~It Just Gets Stranger