Prayers and best wishes go out from Stranger to all those affected in the Boston Marathon disaster today.

Not to repeat myself, but in case you missed it, tickets for Thursday's show at The Porch are available here. I am told they are selling quickly. Can't wait to share a story on stage with you all in just a few days in Provo!

And now:

Stuff I've heard come out of Cathie's mouth since I've been in the U.S.

"What have you been doing in Palau? I mean, besides eating everything in sight." [Then she looked me up and down.]

"What if I said that YOU pooped in YOUR underwear?! How would that make YOU feel!?" [I woke up from a nap to hear this said to my 3-year-old niece. I have yet to think of a context for this that isn't funny.]

"Now I know you're not 21 anymore, Eli, but do you want your momma to come tuck you in tonight?"

"You can come to church with us on Sunday, but I should warn you--I'm very popular."

"Now I'm not commenting on whether I think it looks good or bad. I'm just wondering, son. You know I think you look great no matter what. But are you going to try to get back into shape or is this the new you?"

"I have SIX grand-babies now! I would have ten but my son has been pursuing other things with his life instead of making lots of babies for me to play with."

Eli: Mom? Are you making chicken soup?

Cathie: Yup! It will be ready in about an hour!

Eli: You're making it from scratch?

Cathie: What? Just because the world is getting lazy I have to stop doing my duties as a good pioneer Mormon mom?

Eli: I think it's great and all . . . but it's 11:53 PM. Why are you making a LARGE thing of soup from scratch at midnight?

Cathie: It's almost midnight!? I haven't even started on the bread!

Cathie Whittle McCann. I've missed you.

~It Just Gets Stranger