So I got the full story on the cat pee thing I mentioned yesterday. Basically Daniel had to sit in this house for 4 hours while various animals (mostly cats) jumped all over him. At one point, a stray snake wandered through the place. Not a pet snake. Just a snake from outside. According to Daniel, most of the animals defecated on him at one point or another. During the course of this, he was also force-fed questionable food. I don't know though. Sometimes he exaggerates. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's when a person exaggerates while telling a story.

In other news, I'm about to get on a plane. And then another plane. And then another. And then 45 more. All the way to Salt Lake City, Utah where I will wear sweaters and wander around the malls crying. Out of happiness. Let the Twice Up the Barrel Tour BEGIN! I hope to see some of you at The Porch next Thursday (should have ticket info for you soon), or just wandering around the streets. Look for me. I'll be the one NOT sweating for the first time in 6 months.

And now, your pictures and perhaps the best weekly distractions we've ever had.

Daniel took a work trip out to an outer island called Peleliu and snapped some shots of the aftermath of December's typhoon.

More typhoon damage.

Peleliu was also the site of one of the worst WWII battles.
Daniel, modeling.

My good friend Hannah saw a need and responded. After talk of our Harry Potter beach games, she sent on wands and her own home-made Marauder's Map. Best. Package. Ever. Received.

And the map opened up to this. And I swear, the names on it have been moving around.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Dogs wearing pantyhose. I love this with every fiber of my being. Thanks, Anna.

A tumblr full of pictures of this guy's kids crying. Well worth your time.  Thanks, Brian.

Horrific and disgusting. Do not click on this. Sorry for posting it. No thanks, Brian.

Sports balls replaced with cats. Brian, you have redeemed yourself. And set a distractions record!

Reasons why kids are the worst. I fell out of my chair when I saw number 20.

~It Just Gets Stranger