The other day I got some notification that a person had Twittered a Tweet on what the kids are calling the Internets and this Twitation invoked my name somehow. It's all very confusing, I know. Just try to follow along.

Anyway, the notification indicated that this person Tweeted a quote from Stranger. And when I saw this, the thought came to me, "this isn't necessarily a good thing." Because there are a LOT of things you could quote from Stranger out of context . . . well . . . and sometimes in context, that wouldn't exactly make me look great. So I did a quick scan and found some examples for you from over the years. Enjoy:

"I was a French prostitute on the brink of starvation."

"So happy I didn't go through with that sex change."

"I used to have people over but it was always the same old complaints. 'Your place smells like cat feces.' 'What is this green stuff that got on my pants after sitting in your chair?' 'Who is making that crying sound in the back?'"

"If I'm going to be seen in my underwear, I would at least like to know about it so I can pull out my sexiest pair."

"The reason he got bad service in the first place usually isn't because he's dressed like a 1980s prostitute."

"I have been checking the mail every day since returning, expecting a letter from the city of Moab, signed by the mayor and all other literate residents, respectfully requesting that I never come back."

"The cookie tasted exactly like a fat sweaty Russian man covered in chocolate and jelly with maybe a little more sugar."

"That night I looked like a white-trash homeless male prostitute from Detroit."

"Loud screams echoed through the mountains as the five of us stood in our skimpies and scrubbed while the hundreds around us did the same."

"50 Shades of Grey is a coming of age pornographic thriller that contains the secrets of life."

"I spent the better part of my early adulthood in prison where space isn't exactly one of the feature attractions."

"I tried to hide, and in the process I completely peed my pants."

~It Just Gets Stranger