I saw Leotrix last night! I need everyone on high alert! And NO, this is NOT one of those things where I "see" Leotrix everywhere. I saw the real and true Leotrix. It ran right in front of my feet as I was leaving my building, like it was trying to show me that it wasn't afraid of all the rat poison lining the complex.
Guys. I HATE Leotrix. Twice up the barrel, once down the side.

In other news, THANK YOU so much for your support of Dean Bullock. Voting lasts for about one more week for his Ironman entry, and you can vote an unlimited amount of times. His story is so inspirational; you can see it and vote for him here. Thanks again. I love you Strangers as much as I hate Leotrix.

And now, your pictures and an insanely high number of distractions. Better just take the day off today.

I bought all of the best produce in the entire country and made chicken skewers. And they were wonderful.

Late afternoon, just chilling on the balcony.
Palau got "fresh" grapes this week.
And "fresh" onions.

And I was even able to find two apples that didn't have that many bruises on them.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

How to get two pizza places to unknowingly prank call each other at the same time.  Thanks, Matt.

Tumble-weaves. Thanks, Tracy.

Woman admits on forum to breast-feeding her cat. Thanks(?), Elizabeth.

Photo that perfectly captures middle child syndrome.

Conversations with a two-year-old, reenacted by grown men. Thanks, Angela.

Chart showing how many times Will Smith's family has saved the world.  Thanks, Jimmy.

Cat tries to smuggle phones into a Russian prison (go Trixy!). Thanks, Angela

100 obnoxious teenagers kicked off of a plane.

This is a perfect example of many of the reasons that I hate animals. Thanks, Emily

~It Just Gets Stranger