A Conversation with Krishelle and Daniel about a Phone Call
Krishelle: Who are you calling?

Eli: This salon/spa down the street. I'm making some appointments for us today.

Krishelle: I will NOT be getting a body scrub!

Eli: Ugh. Fine. I just wanted to see if you also thought the question of whether you're supposed to be naked was a little ambiguous.

Krishelle: I don't want to do anything in that place if they know we're related.

Eli: It's fine. They've probably totally forgotten about the body scrub incident. And the haircut incidents. And the time I accidentally poured water all over the floor and tried to clean it up with a couch cushion. And the time I walked in on their staff meeting and stood around a listened until they asked me to leave. And all of the times I've sat in the lobby watching Korean soap operas even though I didn't have an appointment. And--

Krishelle: Maybe we could do something else today?

Eli: Shhhh. It's ringing.

Krishelle: Ok. NO BODY SCRUB. I mean it!

Eli: Meow. Meow. Meeeeooooow.

Krishelle: What are doing?!

Eli: It sounds really cool when you meow into the phone. It echoes a lot. Don't worry. I do this ALL the time.

Krishelle: Why would that make me not worry?

Eli: Meow. Meeeeeeoooooooooooooooooow. Meeeooooooooooo----

Krishelle: Why did you just hang up?

Eli: They answered sometime during that last meow.

Krishelle: Ugh.

Eli: [Calling out] Daniel!

Daniel: [From the other room] What!?

Eli: I need you to call the massage place in case they have caller I.D. They can't know that was me who just called.

Daniel: Ok. Just a sec.

Krishelle: Aren't you even going to ask why Eli can't call back on his phone?

Daniel: I'm sure there's a good reason.

Eli: It's because I was meowing into the phone when they answered.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. You can't call back after that. Here. Just use my phone.

Krishelle: Am I the only person here who is concerned that someone was MEOWING into the phone?

Daniel: It's fun to do. Because it echoes when you meow into it.

Eli: SEE?!

Krishelle: I think Palau has made you two crazy.

~It Just Gets Stranger