We wandered off to Jellyfish Lake today. It's basically the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in real life. But also amazing and fun. I was very conflicted over whether I was supposed to hate or love the experience so instead I just tried to act like it was a spiritual thing for me so that others would think I was mature. But really inside my head all I could hear was screaming and "WHY IS EVERYTHING TOUCHING ME?!?!"

Jellyfish Lake is a small lake buried deep in the jungle of one island in Palau. And it is COMPLETELY full of Jellyfish. Apparently these Jellyfish are not preyed upon by anything in this lake so over hundreds of years they evolved to lose their stingers, making them totally harmless and angelic. And PLENTIFUL.
I had heard there were a lot of Jellyfish in this lake but I had no idea there would be as many as we saw. We snorkeled into the middle of the lake after one of our Palauan friends took us out to the island on a small boat. And suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by five billion of them.
And, ok. It was pretty awesome.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (I also took some videos but Palauan Internet is straight from Hell).

~It Just Gets Stranger