This week was Jolyn's birthday. She says she turned 25. But I have my suspicions that she's actually one of those immortal people who sticks around until others begin wondering why she never ages and then she moves on to a new town and starts her rein of terror over.

It's really no surprise that Jolyn Metro's birthday is so close to Halloween. Which reminds me--please tell me someone is dressing up as the Queen of Colors and/or The First Eye for Halloween this year. I don't know why I said "and/or." I don't know how you could dress up as The First Eye AND the Queen of Colors. The world would probably explode.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate the birthday. I gave Jolyn this gift, which I turned a used book store upside-down to find:

Jolyn: [Rolls eyes] I already HAVE this book!

Eli: If it was anyone else, I would think you were joking.

Happy birthday Jolyn. You don't look a day over infinity.

~It Just Gets Stranger