Look. I know. I KNOW. Today you're dying to see half a dozen out-of-focus pictures taken of the streets of Salt Lake City, my friends, and the occasional gratuitous selfie. And also, you've come to rely on a small list of links, mostly cat-related, to keep you from having to tend to your annoying responsibilities today, like finishing that report and watching your children.

I know that today is supposed to be a Pictures and Distractions day. I know the rules. Guys. I invented the schedule. I know what day it is.

But it just isn't going to happen today. Even though I have amazing links for you, such as this one, which shows what Disney Princesses would look like with beards.

I got to the office a little after 4:00 AM today and I'm totally swamped right now. I'm trying to take off tonight to visit my grandma and Uncle Will in southern California. There should be some Mexico involved in this trip, too. And because I'll be gone for a few days, I need to get a bunch of work done. And when that happens, I have to start shedding other responsibilities temporarily, like Pictures and Distractions.

If it makes you feel better, the following things went before Pictures and Distractions bit the dust today:

1. Hygiene (ok, this one went a few years ago. But it counts.)
2. Singing Miley Cyrus songs at the top of my lungs early in the morning
3. Dance-walking between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00
4. Looking in the mirror and complimenting my hair for 45 minutes every morning
5. Synchronized swimming practice

So, today, how about if you distract each other. In the comments, please briefly share your biggest family or personal vacation disaster. I better hear some vomit stories out of you people!

~It Just Gets Stranger