Daniel called me the other day. We hadn't talked for a little while. The following conversation happened.

Daniel: Eli. I canNOT believe you shared that video with people.

Eli: What video? What people? I WAS YOUNG! I NEEDED THE MONEY!

Daniel: Huh? I'm talking about the Amazing Race video.

Eli: Oh. That. You think I shouldn't have shared it?

Daniel: Eli. It was SO embarrassing.

Eli: I know. I watched it and I couldn't decide whether it was really funny or really embarrassing or both.

Daniel: Probably both. Mostly embarrassing though. But that's just because I remember how that was our third take and the first two were even more ridiculous than that one.

Eli: Well, people seemed to like it ok.

Daniel: Yeah. People who are entertained by cat videos.


Daniel: Whatever.

Eli: By the way, how did you know I shared it?

Daniel: I saw the blog post.

Eli: What blog post? I didn't know you knew what blogs were.

Daniel: The blog post on It Just Gets Stranger. Dot com.

Eli: YOU READ MY BLOG?!?!?!?!?!

Daniel: Yeah. Why?

Eli: You NEVER read my blog. I'm just . . . I'm in shock right now. I feel like the world isn't what I thought it was.

Daniel: Yeah. I read a few things. It was ok. I saw you wrote a bunch of stuff about Kurt.

Eli: I did.

Daniel: Sometimes you write embarrassing things about other people.

Eli: No. I only write nice things about other people.

Daniel: Hmm . . . so can I ask you something?

Eli: Sure.

Daniel: When we were living together in Palau, did you ever write about me?

Eli: NOPE!

~It Just Gets Stranger