It's Friday again. And I'm feeling kind of sad. What better way to cure the blues than through some pictures and distractions?

Happy weekend, Strangers.

Anna Swayne and I have mastered the biking selfie. 

My grandma (G-Mac) showed me these two phones, both of which she uses, and asked me which one is her "landline."

And just like that, a Salt Lake building is torn to the ground.

Some things never change.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

I am a Ukrainian.

A girl grows up a second per day. Warning. This video is heart-wrenching. But incredible. Thanks, Tyson.

12 comedian quotes for when your job makes you want to cry. Thanks, Brett.

This 3 year old made me cry. Thanks, Jess.

17 shocking food facts. Thanks, Megan.

Let It Go sung as several different divas. Thanks, Stephanie.

This new app will apparently get you to read 500 words per minute. Or it will make your head explode. Thanks, Josh.

How to give a cat massage. Thanks, Ashley.

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~It Just Gets Stranger