You guys, I have a million things to tell you. I feel like we are so behind on one another's lives right now. There's so much gossip floating around in my head. But I don't have time to tell you all of it right this second because RESPONSIBILITY.

Responsibility is THE WORST.

Today I'll leave you the video of last Thursday's story on The Porch. A big thank you to my good friend Kyle who came and recorded it. Normally Jolyn does this with a camera from 1946 but Jolyn is on thin ice right now from the whole Star Wars April Fools' Day prank so I asked Kyle for assistance. He's 1,000 times more responsible than me or Jolyn so it was probably a good choice anyway. And to Jolyn's credit, she sat right next to him the whole time and didn't even sabotage his attempts or try to ruin anyone's lives forever.

We had her checked for illness immediately afterward.

Kyle had planned to use some kind of stand and make the video look professional but I was called up much earlier than expected so he had to frantically pull the camera out and just record it from his seat. I felt like a kid in elementary school who got the part in the play as a tree and my mom was in the audience with the camera doing the hand actions with me.

Thankfully, the video turned out fine. Kyle, extra goodness points to you.

~It Just Gets Stranger