So the other day I wrote about how I decided to sign up for Ironman Boulder. And in that post I explained that trying to prepare for and get to Ironman Lake Tahoe was an exhausting experience, in part because I had to drive "halfway across the country." And you guys FREAKED THE HELL OUT in the comments and on Facebook and in emails to me. Because SLC to Tahoe is apparently NOT halfway across the country. And it is offensive to anyone who has ever driven halfway across the country that I made such a claim.

Which got me thinking: I exaggerate an exceptional amount on Stranger. I think somewhere around 10% of what I say is literally true. And for the most part, everyone just rolls with it. But I finally found your breaking point. And that breaking point is overstating how far I had to drive to get somewhere.

AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. (I love you guys. I seriously wish you could have seen how giddy it made me that several of you called me out on this. You are wonderful.)

And now, your Pictures and Distractions. (Please feel free to stalk follow me on Instagram)

It is amazing the amount of crap Ms. Hannah Rose gets me to do.

Matt swears he took this candid shot of Ollie RIGHT after telling him that he was going to come spend the day with me.

Ollie hanging out on the couch with Rebecca. 

I frantically saved this bike, which Bob bought in 1967, from a certain death when I found out Bob and Cathie had planned to give it away. Hashtag hoarder.

Yard work in Bob and Cathie's beautiful back yard.

I carved pumpkins with Matt. Mine is NOT the one with the cat.

Per your demands, I got a haircut--and the specific haircut that was suggested last week (Thanks Michelle and Dana!). Also, I would like to name this picture "Shoulder Angels." 

Stranger Picture of the Week

Spotted by Becky in the SF Bay Area.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The cat clutch! Thanks, Emilie.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was confused (until age 23 . . .). Thanks, Kaitlyn.

Bad taxidermy. Thanks, Matt.

Amazing response to a text scam. Thanks, Matt.

The clowns terrorizing California. Thanks, Kimbally.

And an article about how clowns became terrifying. Thanks, Paul.

Kramer's 15 best ideas. Thanks, Jake.

The most ridiculous fight scene ever filmed. Thanks, Chad.

The ten worst horror films of all time. Thanks, Julie.

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