Tonight I came home from work to find a shopping cart in my apartment. Not the most ridiculous thing I've come home to. Not by a long shot. But still, I didn't really have time to deal with complication today.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: What?

Eli: Why is there a shopping cart in my home?

Rebecca: Because I'm using it to move out!

Eli: You're moving out right now?

Rebecca: Yes. INTO MY NEW HOUSE!

Rebecca and I are conveniently buying homes at the same time. She's been about one week ahead of me throughout the process. She closed on her home recently and if everything goes according to plan, I'll close in just a few days.

Eli: So, you're moving tonight? Using shopping carts?

Rebecca: Well we don't have enough grocery sacks to put all of my things into so this was the next best thing.

Eli: The next best thing to moving all of your items in grocery sacks is a shopping cart? It's not, oh, I don't know, boxes?

Rebecca: This works just great actually. I dump armfuls of personal belongings into this shopping cart, push the cart out to my car--

Eli: --banging into the walls on the way--

Rebecca: --and then I dump the stuff from the shopping cart into my car until the car is all filled up. Then I drive it to my house and undo the process there. IT'S SO SIMPLE!

Eli: I'm all filled up with anxiety right now.

Rebecca: And when this is done, DECORATING!

Eli: I'm seriously wondering right now if I have some legal duty to warn your neighbors.

Rebecca: Warn them about what? ABOUT HOW MUCH FUN I AM TO LIVE BY?!

Eli: Something like that. You realize that your bed isn't going to fit into a shopping cart, right? It also won't fit into your car. You're going to need a different plan than shopping-cart-to-car-to-house for the bigger items.

Rebecca: That's why I have you!

Eli: I'm really learning to hate that phrase.

Rebecca: You've been extra cranky lately.

Eli: Oh?

Rebecca: Yes. The longer I live with you, the crankier you get.

Eli: I'm sure there's no correlation.

Rebecca: Maybe since you see the end coming, you're just getting really sad about it.

Eli: That's got to be it.

Rebecca: WELL DON'T WORRY. Because we're going to go to each other's houses EVERY. DAY!

P.S. Did I mention that we're going to be neighbors?

~It Just Gets Stranger