Happy Friday, one and all. Tonight I saw Rebecca and her sister hauling her bed out of my home. Now it's quiet.

TOO quiet.

I have a feeling I'm going to come home to find a severed head in the refrigerator tomorrow. A simple message from Jolyn Metro that I haven't been forgotten. But until then, we wait in silence and suspense.

And we enjoy your Pictures and Distractions. (Please feel free to follow me on the Instagrams or the Facebooks, if your heart so desires).

I think I want to use this as our engagement photo.

Matt forces Ollie to try on sweaters.

The Mormons.

Matt and Ollie.

With Ms. Emma at my ever-awkward work Christmas party.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The meow game. Thanks, Angela.

Will strangers help a freezing child? Thanks, Sonia.

Ten best ads of the year. (Number 2 rips my heart out every time I see it. And I realize that that last sentence sounded like obnoxious click-bate.). Thanks, Tony.

Newscasters with a sense of humor. Thanks, Amanda.

Dramatic black and white photos of goats and sheep. Thanks, Melissa.

Chicken mom! Thanks, Juni.

Awkward family chicken photo. Thanks, Michelle.

Professional cuddle store. They should recruit Ollie. Thanks, Lori.

Road next to the ocean. Thanks, Francie.

Amazing celebrity impressions while stuck in traffic. Thanks, Dayne.

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Thanks, TatiAna.

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~It Just Gets Stranger