Rebecca: Do you want my bed?

Eli: Your twin sized child bed? No. No I do not.

Rebecca: Well I don't know what to do with it.

Eli: Are you getting a new bed finally?

Rebecca: No.

Eli: Um?

Rebecca: Are you sure you don't want it?

Eli: Why are you trying to get rid of it if you aren't getting a new bed? What are you planning on sleeping on? Please tell me you've thought that far ahead.

Rebecca: I don't need a bed anymore. Because I'm moving.

Eli: WHAT?! You just bought your house like 12 seconds ago!

Rebecca: I know.

Eli: Well what do you plan to do with it?

Rebecca: Rental property!

Eli: Where the hell are you moving to? PLEASE DON'T SAY MY--

Rebecca: YOUR HOUSE!

Eli: Damn it. Again?! How does this keep happening!?!?

Rebecca: Hahaha. I'm just kidding. I'm moving to Washington DC.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: Yes.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: Yes.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: Yes.



Eli: Who's going to feed you?

Rebecca: The land, obviously.

Eli: You are not moving to the other side of the country. This is nonsense.

Rebecca: It's a lot closer than Paris. I could be moving to Paris again.

Eli:Why are you moving to the other side of the country? Are you going there to catch yourself a man?

Rebecca:Please. I don't need to leave the state to catch myself a man.

Eli: How on Earth do you plan to rent your house out and be a landlady from thousands of miles away?

Rebecca: I hired a management company, of course.

Eli: Who is the management company? Please don't say W--

Rebecca: Wade!

Eli: Please help me understand how you have managed to rope my roommate into this.

Rebecca: Candy.

Eli: Ah. And when are you leaving?

Rebecca: Next week.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: Yes.

Eli: No.

Rebecca: Yes.

Eli: Is it something I said or did?

Rebecca: No. This isn't because of you.

Eli: What if I promise to be a better friend? What if I promise to believe you when you talk about your fake gluten allergy?

Rebecca: Well, first of all, I'm not convinced of your ability to do that, mostly because of the way you worded the question. But, again, I'm not moving because of anything you did or didn't do.

Eli: Then why? Why leave me?

Rebecca: Oh Eli. Surely by now you've learned that people come and go. Experience progresses. Circumstances change. These are growing pains and an inevitable part of life. Right now, moving is the unexpected but right step for me.

Eli: You moving isn't the right step for me.

Rebecca: I know. And I'm sorry.

Eli: Why does this have to happen? Why can't everyone I care about live in one big house together for the rest of our lives?

Rebecca: Germs.

Eli: Don't we ever get to a point in life where everyone just stays and never leaves us? Where all relationships are permanent and constantly available?

Rebecca: No. And you need to learn to be ok with that.

Eli: I want to. But it's really hard for me.

Rebecca: I know it is. But on the plus side, knowing that someone might not always be around can help you appreciate the people you have so much more.

Eli: I don't like that the people I care about come and go so quickly and so unexpectedly.

Rebecca: No one does. But we've touched each other's lives in important ways and that's what matters. It does you no good to ache over the loss if it keeps you from rejoicing over the gain.

Eli: I'll always be grateful for the gain. But I'm going to let myself feel some ache, too.

Rebecca: I think that's ok.

~It Just Gets Stranger