Rebecca is in town. I know this because she stormed into my house today, rearranged everything in it, told me every possible fact about her life, and then left in a huff. She says she'll be around for a few weeks and "WE'RE GOING TO BE ROOMMATES AGAIN!"

I'll let you know what all of this means if I ever find out.

Also, no, I'm not sorry that almost every picture this week is of Mr. Ollie Pants.


Here are your Pictures and Distractions:

Mr. Pants in the car!

Mr. Pants is wearing my glasses!

Mr. Pants fell down!

Mr. Pants shows both his butt and face in the same picture!

Matt brought me this pillow case from Canada. Apparently it is somehow made out of oatmeal. This does not make sense. 

Draw me like one of your French girls.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

An email exchange with a scammer. Thanks, Brittany.

Inspiring quotes from children's book. Thanks, Chad.

Guitars replaced with pictures of slugs. Thanks, Kim.

Beware of your next hotel decision. Thanks, Betsy.

Cat pile threaded pouch. Thanks, Karen.

Cat circus looking for a tour assistant. Thanks, Jacquelyn.

Photos of Pluto. Thanks, Mark.

If Fresh Prince happened in 2015. Thanks, Jameson.

Moving video shows people rate their loved ones' success. Thanks, Dana.

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