So you may have noticed that the banner on the top of Stranger has changed. And if you haven't noticed, you should probably get some sleep. Because it's very different. And we're worried about you.

Before you start screaming at me about change and how that's not what Strangers are good at, let me be clear: I am not responsible for this. If you want to yell at someone, you can yell at Matt. Go ahead and try it. Look into those seductive, hypnotizing, mysterious, smizing, dreamy green eyes and try to tell him you disagree with what he has done.

How did that go? Not so well? Now you can understand why I have been manipulated into going to Home Depot with him exactly five times a week, every week, for two years despite HATING going to Home Depot.

And now that you forgot what you were initially mad about, your Pictures & Distractions:

Mr. Scraps came for a visit!

I swear to you that Cathie held her grandson Ander's hands and had a five-minute conversation with him as the gazed into one another's eyes. It was the cutest and weirdest thing I've ever seen. 
My awesome 84-year-old grandma.

Mr. Scraps!

Mr. Scraps, camouflage. 

Mr. Pants, try as he did, just couldn't stay awake all the way through Downton Abbey. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Dog pants. Oh my gosh weird. Thanks, Jessica.

Did I already share this about the cheese? You guys keep sending it to me. I was, unfortunately, not involved. Thanks, many of you.

A pretty good Making a Murderer theory. Thanks, Eliza.

What happened when a man fired a gun at himself under water. Thanks, Brad.

Tweets about anxiety. Thanks, Diana.

The U.S. map redrawn as 50 states with equal population. Thanks, Tyler.

Why you should be proud to be a Slytherin. Thanks, James.

How to make the ultimate grilled cheese. Thanks, Barbara.

The best airline safety video ever. Thanks, Trevor.

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