I worked late on Thursday night in an attempt to meet a few early Friday morning deadlines. By the time Friday morning hit, I was relatively burned out with work. It was a beautiful day in Salt Lake City and I've been antsy to get started on some yard work. Mostly just stuff I was supposed to do in the fall but didn't get around to because tv and eating.

So I decided to play hooky and take the afternoon. I got home around 1:00.

I need you to remember that this was a weekday. It was 1:00 on a weekday when I got home.

About five minutes after I walked through door, I heard the door open again. Matt and Ollie wandered in.

At 1:00. On a weekday.

Eli: Oh. Hi.

Matt: Hey. [Matt opens the fridge; retrieves some Diet Coke]

Eli: Uh . . . What are you up to?

Matt: We just came over to play.

Eli: How did you know I was going to be home?

Matt: We didn't.

Eli: So you just hoped I would be home? At 1:00? On a weekday?

Matt: No. We assumed you wouldn't be here. We'll stay out of your way.

And they did. For the next seven hours, until it was time for Matt to take me to the airport to catch a flight, they played in the backyard, they took a nap in the basement, they did Matt's work, they played games on Matt's phone, etc.

I finally feel some vindication for all of those times my friends have told me I'm crazy for insisting that stuff gets moved around and food gets eaten while I'm at work.

~It Just Gets Stranger