In this heavy week, we bring you an aptly-timed Episode 5 of Strangerville: The World of Choice.

In this special episode, we explore religious extremism from an exceedingly unique perspective. Please enjoy the heartbreaking, thoughtful, and inspiring account from one of my biggest heroes, Jeff Barlow, as he details his experiences growing up in Warren Jeffs's polygamous FLDS community. Explore the value of choice in our lives from the eyes of a man who was kept from it, who escaped the closed community and left everything behind, and who returned later to make a profound difference for the people he never stopped loving.

I am exceptionally grateful to Jeff for being willing to allow me to visit him and talk with him about what choice has meant in his life, and why he so values it today. Please allow this episode to show you profound goodness in a world that sometimes needs more examples of it.

As always, I and Jolyn thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support of Strangerville, the love you have expressed to us and those featured in these shows, and for your ongoing patience as we work to figure things out to the best of our ability.

And without further ado,

~It Just Gets Stranger