When I was growing up my older sister Krisanda and I used to play this game where we would take turns reading the names of movies printed in the weekly TV schedule that came with the Sunday morning paper. The person reading them would do it in a monotone voice and the person listening would have to guess whether the title was to a Lifetime movie, or something else.

We were incredibly good at this game. Like, so good we should have been famous. If this was a competitive sport, we would have been world champions. And then all of the fame would inevitably cause tension between us and eventually our team would split up and we would have to find new teammates and then the sport would get ruined by blood doping and the next thing you know it would be all about the money instead of just the love of the game like it used to be when we first got started.

In any event, I spent a good portion of my childhood becoming really good at things that have not been helpful to be good at in my adult life.

I'm looking at you, Boy Scouts of America and the sport of t-ball.

Then it occurred to me, my exceptional knowledge of Lifetime original movie titles and synopses could really come in handy if Jolyn and I ever decide to do a Strangerville Short on the topic.


~It Just Gets Stranger