Ring ring

Skylar: Hello.

Eli: Someone called you a "hotty mc hotty" in the comments of something I posted on Stranger last week.

Skylar: Wait. I'm on your blog now?

Eli: You were last week. I hope you aren't in the witness protection program.

Skylar: Don't you have to get someone's permission to write about them on your blog?

Eli: Haha. Anyway, they also said there should be a website that has pictures of the hot people of It Just Gets Stranger but then they said something really hurtful.

Skylar: What?

Eli: They said that Tami better not be included on this site.

Skylar: That's not hurtful. This person sounds like a good a decent American.

Eli: No. This isn't right. She shouldn't be criticized like this so close to her birthday and right after we put all of that work into making an inspirational video to celebrate her.

Skylar: I thought we made that for Pioneer Day?

Eli:We made it for both.

Skylar: I would not have participated if I had known the full story.

Eli: Why does everyone hate Tami so much? I legitimately thought she would be warmly embraced by the Stranger community but every time I post of picture of her, all she gets is vehement opposition and hate.

Skylar: Tami is disgusting. And I actually think you may be violating the obscenity laws of all 50 states and Canada when you share pictures of her.

Eli: Even when I photoshop hair onto her?

Skylar: ESPECIALLY when you photoshop hair onto her.

Eli: Well Tami has been an inspiration in my life and I just think she should be shared with everyone.

Skylar: Maybe you could put a mask on her face? That way she can tell her story without disgusting other people.

Eli: Check your privilege, Skylar. Just because Tami isn't a "hotty mc hotty" doesn't mean she should be shunned.

Skylar: Tami is a man's toe that is missing a toenail and has woman hair photoshopped onto her so let's take it down a notch.

Eli: Oh wait. I just found a Mr. Bean mask that would look really good on her. Let me text it to you.

Skylar: You are terrible at this.


And now, please enjoy this week's Strangerville Short, and a quick jaunt back into the 80s.

~It Just Gets Stranger