I found out that the best way to get Matt to do something is to text him and act as though he already committed to that thing. So just a minute ago I texted him, "what are you doing tonight after you come and tile the hearth of my fireplace?" And he responded that he didn't have plans after that, that he found the tile he wants me to use, and that I should meet him at some store at 5:30. And I honestly don't know if he really thinks he had agreed to do this previously or if he's just humoring me. But I'm going to conduct the rest of my life this way because it's possible that this is working.

I'm starting today's Pictures & Distractions with a video of my awesome 13-year-old niece and me at music night this week, wherein I hope her mother doesn't realize that I'm making her sing songs with mildly suggestive lyrics.

We're worried Mr. Pants may be doing drugs.

With some of my peops at the law school reunion. 

Rebecca at her tree-planting ceremony. 

Little Cottonwood canyon is bleeding. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My first recap of the new Survivor season, Gen X vs. Millennials, is up.

Don't play chicken with your health. Thanks, Alesha.

If only they made these for humans. Thanks, Stacie.

Christmas is coming up and I have a great idea for some gifts! Thanks, Kim.

Whatever your thoughts on Hillary Clinton, this Zach Galifianakis interview is delightful. Thanks, Chad.

Hamilton ASL video that makes me want to learn ASL. Thanks, Krishelle.

21 common words people say incorrectly. Thanks, Matthew.

A disgusting way to smuggle gold. Thanks, Brian.

George Harrison & Paul Simon perform Here Comes the Sun. Thanks, God.

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