This weekend I was in Portland and I went hiking with Skylar and THE WORLD'S MOST WHINY DOG.

I'm not kidding you about this dog. I love her. But OMG.

Homegirl whined for 27 straight hours. She sounded like me when I lived in Palau!

Anyway, we were walking along this one trail, like good and decent people, when suddenly:

Woman: What a beautiful dog! What is she?

Skylar: Thanks! She's a Norwegian Ridgeback.

Woman: Oh how lovely!

We started walking away and I said to Skylar:

Eli: What did you just tell that woman?

Skylar: That she's a Norwegian Ridgeback.

Eli: But she's not a Norwegian Ridgeback.

Skylar: Duh. Norwegian Ridgeback is a dragon from Harry Potter.

And that is why we all like Skylar.

~It Just Gets Stranger