Last night Lynne had her big holiday party at her house so I made enough meatballs to feed the entire population of a medium-sized country. By the time the party started I was feeling like I had been run over by a dozen trains. Like, Depression Era trains.

I don't know what I've come down with but I am so sick right now. I was up almost the entire night rolling around in bed, aching all over, and pleading with the good Lord to take me home. Duncan tried to be helpful by lying directly on top of me all night long and then aggressively licking my face whenever I moved.

We've been in a half dreamlike state all day, wandering the house cloaked in a heat blanket connected to an extension cord that's so long that it can wrap around the world twice.

I am trying desperately not to turn to Web MD (I already convinced myself once this morning that I have Meningitis). But I seriously have no idea what I might have come down with. It feels different than anything I've ever experienced.

The point is, we have a brand-new episode of Strangerville for you today and it may be the last one because I'm probably dying. Well, unless Meg and Jolyn carry on without me. Which actually would probably be an improvement. Now I sort of hope I die.

This episode features some stories from The Suzzzz that are truly the most amazing dating stories I have ever heard in my life. We also used stories submitted by many of you on the Facebooks when I recently asked you for your worst dating experiences.

A huge thanks to Meg and to all of you. We also want to thank our sponsor, Silicon Slopes, who has been a really amazing partner to us and has not tried to distance itself from our sometimes-train-wrecks.

Please check it out and please enjoy!

This time in Strangerville we find out what other people's bad dates look like so we can feel better about our own. A woman is confronted by an unexpected guest at dinner. A blind date goes wrong when a man overestimates his love for Slim Jims. A guy breaks all four of a woman's low-bar rules. A canoe trip leads to unwanted advances. And a text message goes to the wrong person. Don't miss these and many other stories from the Strangerville hive mind in this cringe-worthy episode.

Intro by Adrianne Jones


1. Four Rules by The Suzzzz and music by

Hosted by Meg Morley Walter and Eli McCann and story contributions from many of you.

~It Just Gets Stranger