Not to get all Oprah on you, but my favorite thing in the entire world is that people think Skylar is SkyWest (the airline) on Instagram because his handle is @skywest.

Let's all take one quick moment of silence for the airline, who couldn't get their crap together enough to secure a handle from someone who had exactly 387 followers at the time of this writing.

Because people think Skylar is the airline, pretty regularly he gets tagged in posts from people complaining about flight delays, poor customer service, or just including pictures of airplanes and thanking SkyWest for making their upcoming trip possible.

He feels it his sacred duty to respond to at least some of these, lamenting on occasion that "not once" has the airline paid him for his services.

I don't know the fair market value of these "services," considering that the majority of his responses to people's inquiries just look like this:

And before you go on feeling bad for these poor customers, everybody knows that Instagram is not the social media platform to complain to a company about a bad experience. Instagram is for posting naked pictures of your body with a fake quote from Martin Luther King Jr. so your followers will know you're like totes woke.

A while ago Skylar got tagged in something or other and so, although I was coming in and out of naps and in a half-stupor on the couch, I took his phone and responded for him. I have almost zero memory of this, now several months later, but just this morning I was looking for a picture on my phone and I came across the below screenshot, which Skylar later texted to me when he saw the comment.

A woman posted a photo of herself with a friend on a plane and wrote about what a fun trip they had.

The point is, kids used to listen to their parents.

~It Just Gets Stranger