As you know, because you've been unable to think of anything else since, several months ago I started Strangerhood of the Traveling Snuggie. Eleventy hundred of you emailed me your personal information and asked to be added to the list, so after stealing all of your identities and running up a lot of debt in your names to continue to build my Pogs empire, I sent a blue Snuggie off on a great journey.

It kind of feels like sending out Voyager 1. Every once in a while I hear that it has made it to some new place. Last I heard, that Snuggie was off in Ohio somewhere, probably confusing a lot of post office people. It has only made it to a small fraction of the Strangerhood so far, but I started feeling really selfish for keeping all of the award-winning photography I have been receiving, documenting the Snuggie's quest, to myself. So, here you are, in no particular order.

I highly recommend that you open another window and let the original Nintendo theme song for Zelda play while you look at these.

Athena, in West Jordan Utah.

Brittany, in West Jordan Utah.

Cameron, in Logan Utah.

Cara and friends, in Boise Idaho

Emilie, in Everett Washington.

Erin, in Sacramento California.

Erin, in Sacramento California.

Some very drunk guys somewhere in northern California.


Jacy and family, in Benicia California.

Jennifer, AS IT TURNS OUT OMG MY NEIGHBOR in Sugarhoooooood.

Kristie, in Running Springs California.

Madeline, in Provo Utah.

Danny Tanner, I mean Marc, in San Francisco. 

Mika, in Chicago Illinois. 

Renae and Clark, in Provo Utah.

Sierra. Sorry. She didn't say where she was. 

There you have it so far. The Snuggie continues on its journey. To date, every single one of the people in the above photos have found love.

Please give the participants above a round of applause in the comments for their bravery.

~It Just Gets Stranger