As you know, earlier this week I DECIDED TO BE GAY. Now every morning when I wake up the soundtrack to Rent is blasting through my house from speakers I haven't yet been able to locate and Judy Garland keeps calling me.

No one warned me this would happen.

Skylar keeps telling me that even though he doesn't support my lifestyle, he still loves me. Which is true. He absolutely does not support my lifestyle. This fall he's starting medical school so I have a very sad feeling that I'm going to be supporting his for the next eleventy years to come.

Matt has been texting me variations of "WHY DID I HAVE TO FIND OUT YOU WERE GAY ON YOUR BLOG I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND," even though I met Matt over four years ago when mutual friends of ours set us up on a date.

By the way, for our first date we watched Jesus Camp together. I knew Matt was different when he sided with the camp leaders by the end of the documentary, screaming at me in his strong southern drawl, "WELL WHAT'S WRONG WITH JESUS?"

Except the way he said "Jesus" it was a much longer name than I had learned growing up. It was more like JeeeeeauauauasssssuauauauIreckonuauauauas.

You people have been kind, and that matters. Not just to me. I had decided it didn't matter how anyone reacted to the BREAKING NEWS. I know who I am, and I like who I am because I'm truly fabulous.

But you being so publicly kind matters to people who are where I was five or ten years ago. Or to some teenagers out there who might be feeling like they don't have much to live for. And it definitely matters to JeeeeeauauauasssssuauauauIreckonuauauauas.

So, thank you for that.

With all of the drama of late, we let a Strangerville slip on by. So please enjoy below a fun hunting story, plus Meg talking about getting pregnant because she doesn't like it when the attention is off of her.

I swear. Every time I decide to be gay she hurries and gets knocked up.

This time in Strangerville, Meg still refuses to give Eli her children; Eli becomes very gay; and a woman loses her husband in the mountains.Story:Elk in the Woods, by Robyn Livermore (music by Ben Sound)Production by Eli McCann and Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger