Too busy to writeBut here you go anywayPics and Distractions

Album cover. Simon and Barkunkel.

The Pantses!

Someone please come melt the snow off these roads so I can bike on them.

Mr. Naughty Pants on the table.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

This week on Hive Mind we discussed our favorite rom coms.

The kids are not impressed with the black hole picture. Thanks, Amy Rose.

A roller-coaster of a ride for an obituary. Thanks, Christy.

So this elephants thinking humans are cute thing isn't totally proven, but I am HERE for it. Thanks, Derek.

If beauty youtubers existed in 1999. Thanks, Brandon.

How have I never heard of the bachelor party bungee jump prank until today?  Thanks, Tyson.

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