(Hey--we announced Strangerville Live the other day. March 6 in Salt Lake City. Come, please. Get tickets HERE.)

The Strangerhood of the Traveling Snuggie has continued its wild journey. (If you missed the first round of photos, you can find them here).

The Snuggie has been adorned and patched with personality from all over the country. For those still waiting for some Traveling Snuggie love, be patient. The Snuggie has miles to go before she sleeps.

Christina, Adel Iowa

Jo, Springfield Tennessee

Kayla, Yellville Arkansas

Kylle and friends, New Orleans Louisiana

Lindsay, Atlanta Georgia (who got the Snuggie just after I got married)

Magan, Jacksonville Florida

Renee, Shelbyville Kentucky

Sarah, Bentonville Arkansas

Tracy, in Vero Beach Florida, received the Snuggie the day she started chemo and it, plus all our love, went with her. Hugs to you from all of us, Tracy.

~It Just Gets Stranger