I'm back with some more entries from 1996. Everything in [brackets] is tonight's commentary.

May 20, 1996 (age 12):

We are practicing for Romeo and Juliet. In the play I 'm Benvolio and Sam is Romeo. I think we are pretty good. I'm sure that we are probably the best of all of the sixth grade classes. I'm in soccer with all of my friends. We always lose. But I think we will win in a couple of weeks. [I had no plausible basis for believing this. Part of our losing streak was due to my teammates and I occasionally sitting down on the field mid-game].

May 21, 1996 (age 12):

Today I went to Young Mens for the first time [this is a church organization for teenagers]. It was fun. We played a lot of games. I had a really bad day. It was so boring. I don't think I have even smiled yet today. The most fun thing that I did today was watch a movie about Fish. [Huh?] Yeah. Tim is the most conceded kid in the whole world. [That came out of nowhere--and there is no further explanation for this]. I wasn't looking forward for anything today. My only friend that I sordove [sort of] like is Jon and Sam [and apparently Jon and Sam are one person]. Some of the people I know are really annoing [annoying] me. And kids at school won't stop talking like a baby or a girl! I would say a lot more but I know my sisters will find this. So goodbye!!! [I don't think the end of this entry needs any additional commentary].

May 28, 1996 (age 12):

The JAZZ won the stupid sonics today. I hate them. They spit in the Jazz coach's face when they won! [There is no way this really happened. But I so wish I knew why I thought this was the case in 1996]. I wanted to spit in their stupid [here there are five words completely scribbled out. I can't be totally sure, but I believe they constituted one string of profanities that I apparently didn't have the guts to leave in print. While this may have been merely because I was sure "my sisters [would] find this" (see May 21), the more likely explanation is that the last time I used foul language was in 1991 when Cathie washed my mouth out with dish soap, and I wasn't quite prepared to risk it again five years later] coach's face!!! The sonics are babies. We had a handycapt assembly today. [I so wish I had explained what on Earth this was].

[Below this drawing there is a picture of two people with bulging biceps under the word "Jazz" standing next to someone with skinny arms under the words "wimps" and "sonics"].

May 30, 1996 (age 12):

[This is the first entry of my life that is actually broken up into paragraphs. Our little boy is growing up!]

Jazz won the sonics again today. They are going to play again on Sunday.

Me and Sam and Jared and Tim dug up the jar we buried a while ago. [See November 6, 1995]. The messages were very stupid. We might do another one. [Yes, because it worked out so well last time].

Sometimes I just wish the Jazz would hurry up and win every game they ever play. None of the other teams are even nice. And the Jazz are all so good at basketball. Like the big dawg of course. I bet none of the other players have ever even played before! [So glad to find yet another nonsensical rant].

July 4, 1996 (age 12):

Today I went and saw Independence Day. It was the best movie I have ever seen. It is probably the best movie that has ever been made. [So glad my tastes have changed since 1996]. It made me wonder what would really happen if it came true. Like what would I do to help people and stuff. It is the kind of movie that really makes you think about things. [Like, what would I do if aliens attacked the Earth?].

~It Just Gets Stranger