Happy weekend, Strangers. We've got a great set of pictures and distractions for you this week. Enjoy, and stay safe. Beware of Leotrix riding on the back of the Queen of Colors.

This weekend is my mom's (Cathie's) 60th birthday. Happy birthday, big C. You don't look a day over [insert whatever age you want to look]. For 60 years you have done a pretty good job confusing, terrifying, loving, amusing, and entertaining all of the people around you. I don't know many people who are as loved and admired as you are, and as always, I feel so lucky to get to call you "mom." Here's to another 60 years! (Photo courtesy of Mindy Young)

One Stranger, Phoebe, sent a package this week covered in these great stamps and one beautiful return address sticker. Thanks, Phoebe!
From a floating dock, looking back to the beach one late afternoon.
Sunset from my apartment.
From my apartment. This hill was shaved completely off in December by Typhoon Bopha. Now it looks good as new.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Please read the HYSTERICAL comments on this post from Monday if you haven't yet. You people rock.

The Queen of Colors terrorizing Seattle. Thanks, Maureen.

Images that will break your brain. Thanks, Logan.

Over-dramatic warning road signs. Thanks, Emma.

Leotrix and cancer. Should we be happy or terrified about this? Thanks, Frances (and thanks for the package).

Someone get this cake for Daniel's birthday. Thanks, Brooke.

Famous paintings improved by cats. Thanks, Megan.

Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters. Thanks, Joanna.

Teens steal credit card and use it to take photos of themselves. Thanks, Brian.

Sorry, everyone. Warning. SNAKE. No thanks, Brian.

~It Just Gets Stranger