Ever since Leotrix entered my life, I have existed in a state of constant nightmare. This is where you are having a nightmare but instead of it being a nightmare it's just your real life. Trust me. It's a thing.

Every movement I see out of the corner of my eye makes me think that Leotrix has returned. I thought this was impossible at first because a week ago I found Leotrix dead during my walk to the Stormtrooper (you might have heard my scream; at the speed of sound it should have reached you on Tuesday at about 12:17 PM). But then two days later I saw him again, scaling a wall.

I HATE Leotrix.

And now, because I'm aware of his existence, that thing is happening where I am suddenly realizing that Leotrix has always been around and I just didn't notice him until recently. It's like when you learn a new word and then after that it seems like you hear that word being used every 15 minutes. SAME THING. And yesterday, while going through some pictures, I noticed Leotrix where I hadn't noticed him before.


~It Just Gets Stranger