Pictures and distractions have returned to Stranger. I know you were all very very angry. I think 90% of you dropped me on Facebook. But then you came back because you missed seeing all of the pictures of me and my cats.

Today's set of pictures are already old. They are the set I meant to share with you about three weeks ago. I may forever be in catch-up mode.

Just about to leave for the airport. My last night with the Palau kids. Notice the t-shirt on the kid to the right of me . . .

In Seoul


Hong Kong

Mormon temple in Hong Kong

Stranger Picture of the Week comes from Star. Thanks for The First Eye warning.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The ultimate cat lady. Thanks, Myke.

Panoramic photos that went horribly wrong. Thanks, Angela.

Woman lives with 130 cats. Thanks, Jessie.

Terrifying The First Eye fingernail. Thanks, Star.

40 must see photos from the past. Thanks, Jeff.

A map showing the most screwed-up thing about your state. Thanks, Nathanial.

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