And in slightly less controversial news . . .

The other day I was trying to find some new music to listen to. Having been in Palau for a year, and generally aloof before that, I am WAY behind on all things. And I have NO idea who the kids are listening to these days.

NOT the Spice Girls, apparently. Learned that one the hard way last month. When did the kids stop listening to the Spice Girls? One minute they're the biggest thing in the world and then all of the sudden it's December 2013 and my 10-year-old niece is like "spice who?"

And I'm all, "zig a zig ah!"

Most of my family members are pretty hip. They drive cars like young people (meaning NOT hunched forward and going 10 miles per hour below the natural flow of traffic) and they also tend to know what the kids are doing. So I decided to text my sisters and ask them for some music suggestions. They provided helpful responses.

Then I thought, "why not check with Bob and Cathie, too?" Bob never responded, although Cathie later explained that he was helping her with her response.

Bob and Cathie: you need to stop watching MTV.

~It Just Gets Stranger