Today, enjoy another set of journal entries and video from the The Lost Journal Series. Lots of important thoughts in this one.

December 8, 1994 (10 years old):

Today we had our Histry Fair. I'm going to the Finals so is Kile and Jared.  Jared keeps showing of!!!!!

December 12, 1994 (10 years old):

There are so many things that I want to say but I wont because probly my sisters will try to read this journal and they shouldent even know anything that I am saying! HAHA! Maybe I have another journal somewhere and they will never find it because they don't even know that I'm hiding things! I put it under the couch. Its importent to write in a journal because if they said you murdered someone you can be like no I didnt because look at my journal I was at SCOUTS!

December 14, 1994 (10 years old):

I played with Jared today and it was really fun because he is my best friend and we talked alot about aliens today because we have both seen aliens before. I saw them walking in Jared's backyard but he didn't hear them because we saw on this tv show that aliens can walk around without making any noise because they don't have normal shoes and stuff. I want to be an alien for halloweeen next year but my sisters will probly make fun of me! It is important to be NICE to all creetures!!!!

December 15, 1994 (10 years old):

The only way you can know if sombody is good or bad is if you look at their HEART. There are a lot of really dome songs on the radio and I just think that I could probly write a song thats better then them because HELLO!? They only ever talk about stuff like bying a wedding ring and stuff. I would write songs about like skydiving or cake or something that people even LIKE! We are learning magic tricks at scouts. I want to make a peny disapeer.

December 17, 1994 (10 years old):

Sometimes i just sit by the window and look outside and think about all of the tragidy in the world. There are so many things that are hurtful like gangs and fights and stuff. I dont even know if one day I will get marryed but if I do it would be so scarry to find out that I marryed somone in a GANG. THAT WOULD NOT EVEN BE FAIR BECAUSE YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TELL YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE THAT YOU ARE IN A GANG BECAUSE WHAT IF THEY GOT SHOT!!!!

~It Just Gets Stranger