I abandoned you for a few days and now everyone is mad at me and nobody is even telling me how good my hair looks right this second. AND THIS IS THE HARDEST TRIAL I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED.

My childhood best friend, Sam, AKA "POTTY MOUTH," finished his orthodontics residency and has started his practice after eleventy million years in school. In celebration that he has finally crawled out of the hole into which he went when he began dental school, a small group of us met in San Diego to crash on the beach for four days.

This trip was incredibly exhausting but well worth the energy expenditure.

On Sunday evening two of us flew back to Salt Lake City. There, the greatest coincidence of my life happened. I've talked about my very best friend, Corey, on Stranger, but not much for several years. Corey and I were in law school together and then when we finished school over three years ago, she moved to southern California and I stayed in Salt Lake and texted Snuggie selfies to strangers.

She and I have maintained our long-distance friendship well over the years but have missed seeing each other. As it just so happened, Corey was making a quick trip to Salt Lake City, unbeknownst to me, and just happened to be on the same flight as me, sitting right next to me.

We spoke in one continuous breath for the entire two-hour flight, most definitely irritating everyone sitting around us. But it was the best flight of my life.

Brett didn't luck out quite as much as we did across the aisle. But he did hear every detail of the life story of this woman and her bra strap.

~It Just Gets Stranger