It just seemed like it was time for another edition of The Lost Journal Series. Video and text below:

January 12, 1995 (10 years old):

I found out resently that my bird can lay EGGS. I found an egg in his birdcage and I know what your going to say that it was probly my sister who put it there but how could it be her becaus the egg wasnt even COLD. I am waiting for it to hach becaus when it does I think there will be another bird because that's how it works with animals being born because people come from the stomach but animals come from eggs. I am learning about the circle of life.

January 14, 1995 (10 years old):

Torie is trouble at school because all she ever wants to do is get in trouble and in third grade I had to move my desk the side of the room all the time because Torie got me in TOUBLE. And I didn't even deserve it. My mom never found out though because when Torie was at the school and my mom was at the school and Torie goes hey Eli's mom I just turned her head and said don't even listen to that girl. We had scouts this week and I learned how to tell if there is a fire you just have to smell the wind.

January 21, 1995 (10 years old):

I got in TROUBLE. My dad is MEEN! I didnt even do any of the things they said I did and I probly would be better living in a dump. Maybe they will read this and feel bad that i even said that and I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!! My parrents are actually prety nice.

January 25, 1995 (10 years old):

Today I went to turch Kyle and Jared were showing of because they get to go to quort of honor and I'm to young. Remember when I said my bird had an egg well I guess it didn't work because the egg didn't hach so I had to throw it away. I hope there wasnt a baby inside.

~It Just Gets Stranger