Grateful it's Friday around here. It was a long and hard week for me. I almost entered the Witness Protection Program on Tuesday just to get out of my job.


But truly, I do love my job and am very grateful to have it. The vast majority of the time I love being a lawyer. Although it doesn't come without its stresses. And this week was a particularly stressful one. And a strange one. Tune in next week when I tell you about something that happened when I went to prison today, for example.

But until then, enjoy some Pictures and Distractions. (And please feel free to follow me on the Instagrams and the Facebooks and the Twitters. And Ollie's Instagram is here.)

A nap after a four-mile walk.

Mr. Ollie Pants waits by the window, toy in mouth, tail a-wagging. 

I found this incredible entryway table at a consignment store last weekend. A perfect fit for the spot. And an awkward photo.

Ollie's death stare when I forced him to try on my Ironman shirt. Even HE can tell it's a farce. 

My newest lamp. Because, you know, I need more of them.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Pictures of chickens wearing sweaters. Thanks, Valerie.

And why not have a purring chicken? Thanks, Loren.

A timely piece after this week's mention. Thank you for this very important find. Thanks, Kristi.

The cat people of Tinder. Thanks, Jessica.

The physics of pudding. Thanks, Logan.

Runners? Are you warming up properly? DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE SOMEWHERE YOU SHOULDN'T BE LAUGHING. Thanks, Molly.

Country hip hop. 1,000 times yes. Thanks, Molly.

What it's like to have four kids. Thanks, Paul.

Fox or not game. Thanks, Travis.

Harry Potter from Malfoy's perspective. Thanks, Brian.

I'm a little late, but for all you Serial fans out there, here's SNL's take. One of the better SNL sketches in a while. Thanks, Swen.

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~It Just Gets Stranger