Ring ring

Eli: Yes, sister?

Krishelle: Well I don't know what else to do. Everything is a mess.

Eli: Want to go back a little and give me some context?

Krishelle: I'm under an overpass and I'm probably going to die here and no one will help me and . . . just a sec . . . [clearly yelling to someone else] no, thank you sir! I just have a flat tire. But my brother is going to come and help me . . . no, really . . . I don't need any help. He's on his way. Thank you, though!

Eli: You have a flat tire somewhere?

Krishelle: Not just "somewhere." I have a flat tire on my car.

Eli: And you don't know how to change it?

Krishelle: I have no idea and I'm wearing nice clothes and I'm under an overpass and NOBODY will help me.

Eli: It kind of sounds like someone just tried to help you.

Krishelle: Anyway, I called Jeff and then a dozen other people and no one is answering and I just don't know who else to call so I called you.

Eli: Am I your last resort?

Krishelle: Yes.

Eli: I feel offended right now.

Krishelle: Well, you just don't seem like the kind of person who has ever changed a tire before?

Eli: I've changed a lot of bike tires.

Krishelle: I don't think those skills translate.

Eli: Why don't you call Bob and Cathie? They somehow know how to do everything.

Krishelle: Oh I can't call them. A few years ago they tried to teach me how to change a tire but I was really teenagery about it and so I just rolled my eyes the whole time and said "I know" a lot. But I didn't know and I didn't pay attention.

Eli: Why didn't you pay attention?

Krishelle: I just never thought it would be applicable in my life.

Eli: Ok. Where are you?

Krishelle: Under an overpass.

Eli: Can you be any more specific than that.

Krishelle: Utah.

Eli: Seriously. I can't help you if you can't tell me where you are.

Krishelle: Oh! I can send you a pin to your phone!

Pin received. She is, in fact, under an overpass, 25 minutes away. Eli arrives and discovers that Krishelle does not have all of the necessary tools to change a tire.

Eli: You don't have all of the necessary tools to change a tire.

Krishelle: Oh and so this all MY fault?!

Eli: Yes.

Just then, a man pulls up.

Man: Do you need any help?

Krishelle: No thank you! My brother is here to help me!

Eli: Seriously, Krishelle!? Yes, sir. We could use some help.

Man gets out of the car, retrieves a surprising number of industrial tools perfect for changing a tire, and finishes the job while we stand around a watch.

Krishelle: Thank you so much for your help, sir!

Man: No problem.

Krishelle: Hopefully my brother learned his lesson on the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

Man: Tsk tsk.

Eli: Seriously? How did I end up being the bad guy in this situation?

Krishelle: I don't know. But can we agree to not tell Bob and Cathie about this?

Eli: Yes.

Eli blogs the experience for Bob and Cathie to see.

~It Just Gets Stranger