I'm going to choose this one time to say a word that I literally never say beause I feel like it's appropriate: y'all, I'm exhuasted.


What a week/month/year. As I sit in my office this Thursday evening, watching the flecks of snow drift down to the ant-like cars below, I'm full of nostalgia and just a little bit of longing for a time when life was slightly simpler, gratitude for the richness of the complexities that make it not so simple anymore, and optimistic that all is well, or at least will be, whatever that means.

Thanks for your amazing support lately--even the support you didn't really realize you were giving. You Strangers make my world go around. Sometimes that's weird, sometimes it's lovely, but always it's entertaining.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

Christmasing with Matthew and Skylar.

This is why we can't have nice family photos, Skylar!

On the lookout on all sides.

Hashtag intergalactic male models. 

Mr. Pants!

Val and I represent 2016 in 4 pictures.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

One of our very own made it onto this list of weird snacks. Thanks, Bobbi.

Do yourself the biggest favor today and spend the 15 minutes listening to this story from my good friend's sister, live at Back Fence PDX. One of the best live story tellings I've ever heard. Thanks, Swen,

Random acts of kindness. Thanks, Jack.

Woman convinces husband she has adopted a coyote (language warning). Thanks, Brian and Brandon.

Hilarious dog pictures. Thanks, Chris.

Obama memes. Thanks, Charles.

Montreal's poor Christmas tree. Thanks, Brian.

An article about fake news. Thanks, Will.

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~It Just Gets Stranger