Skylar: That reminds me.

Eli: Of what?
Skylar: Of that time in the library when that guy tried to change my life.
Eli: Ok. You've piqued my interest. Go on.
Skylar: I was in college. It was a winter day. I was standing in line when a mysterious man turned to me and tried to change my life.

Eli: How did he try to change your life?

Skylar: By saying something.

Eli: By saying what?

Skylar: Something ominous.
Eli: This story is killing me.
Skylar: He did it with one sentence.
Eli: Say the thing!
Skylar: I was a student at Boston College.

Eli: I feel like this story is going backwards.
Skylar: Our mascot was the Eagles.
Eli: That better be relevant to the point of this story or I will murder you.
Skylar: And that's when he said it.
Eli: With sharp weapons. I will murder you with sharp weapons.
Skylar: He said it with a deep and booming voice.
Eli: With my new knife set.
Skylar: And he was completely serious when he said it, too.
Eli: I'm losing the will to live.
Skylar: He had the kind of voice that can pierce souls.
Eli: I don't even care anymore.
Skylar: He said, "you've got to study like an owl--"
Eli: Stop.
Skylar: "if you want to soar like an Eagle."
Eli: I hate this.
Skylar: And when I turned around--
Eli: No.
Skylar: I saw--
Eli: I don't care what you saw.
Skylar: that it was Morgan Freeman.
Eli: . . .
Skylar: . . .
Eli: . . .
Skylar: . . .
Eli: And this changed your life?
Skylar: The experience had no effect on me.

Skylar in college, learning how to study like an owl.

~It Just Gets Stranger