I have a red eye flight to Boston tonight (thank you for your prayers) so I took Duncan over to Meg's house this evening to drop him off. She watched him last time I was out of town as well so he's used to her house. It's extra convenient to leave him there because she has a dog named Ollie and Duncan already knew that dog name because of Mr. Pants so it just made sense.

When we pulled up and I opened the car door, Duncan took a flying leap and dead sprinted in through Meg's open back door because Meg is irresponsible like that.  By the time I finished bringing his mounds of furniture and personal items into the house, he had already forgotten me. Duncan has a new family now.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:


At a "red, white, and blue" party with Jolyn.

You met La Donna (left) on this week's Strangerville. Here she is gossiping with Gmac.

I came across this old picture of me snorkeling in Palau. 

My hair is getting bigger lately. But still a national treasure.


Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

I decided to share ten shocking facts that are definitely not made up.

A warning from CDC. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Why it's safer not to nature. Thanks, Michelle.

News on the Downton Abbey movie. Thanks, Krishelle.

Paul updated a very important song. Thanks, Kimbally.

There's a robot now that weeds your garden. Thanks, Ben. And God.

Oxford comma for the win! Thanks, Seth.

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