In Ljubljana Slovenia last night:

Skylar: Here, give me your phone so I can take a picture of you.

Eli: No. You're really bad at taking pictures of people.

Skylar: I'm VERY good at taking pictures of people.

Eli: You're not. You're good at a lot of things, but this is one of the things you're really bad at.

Skylar: How am I bad?

Eli: You do weird angles and you take the pictures when the person isn't ready and you don't notice that the picture is bad so you stop trying and you tell the person you "got some good ones" and I've been burned by you enough.

Skylar: These are all lies! Give me your phone now! I'm going to prove to you that I can do this.

Eli: Fine. Here.

Click click click click click, etc.

Eli: How did it go?

Skylar: I got some VERY good pictures. Several that look really nice. Facebook profile kind of pictures, even.

Eli: Ok. I'm willing to admit I might have been unfair to you.

Later that night, looking through the pictures of the day:


Skylar: Let me see . . . hmmm. You need to work on your smizing.

Here are some other pictures (not taken by Skylar) of our travels:

Skylar in Munich. 



Just found another picture Skylar took of me.


In Ljubljana. Admittedly better at smizing. 

Hiking Vintgar in Slovenia.

Lake Bled. It's hard to see, but there's a monastery on an island out there and a castle up on the mountain to the right. 


Hiking in Slovenia. 

Ljubljana's castle up on the mountain.
The people back at home haven't stopped reminding me that I miss my punkin. 

~It Just Gets Stranger