Because I STILL cannot stop reading and talking about the college admissions scam stuff, I tweeted the other day

That's only partly a joke. I really do want in on Cathie's sewing group. So do several of my friends. A few years ago I told Cathie that Brianne and Matt had both asked how they can get in and she just laughed dismissively and said something about how they couldn't even get into her C group. Then I found out from my sister Krishelle that there really are several sewing groups and Krishelle has tried to infiltrate the top one but you basically have to be part of the Illuminati to get in at this point.

Anyway, only 21 minutes later someone named Shane responded:

which is EXACTLY why I'm on Twitter.

Then I remembered that actually this is the SECOND time a stranger from the internet has photoshopped my head into a water aerobics photo. Several years ago someone named Logan sent me this:

And I have no idea how I ended up being the kind of person people from the internet on more than one occasion have decided to take time out of their lives to do this for, but I 100% don't regret any of my life choices, cause y'all, I'm definitely getting into college now.

I was in the middle of daydreaming about all of the hacky-sacking I was going to do for the next four (to six) years, when I suddenly saw Matt post THE MOST GLORIOUS PHOTO of all time on Mr. Ollie Pants's Instagram account.

You guys. Look at that thing. It should be in a museum. They should incorporate it into Planet Earth 3. I want an entire episode about the sleeping habits of the domesticated cavoodle.

I immediately texted Matt and demanded that he photoshop Duncan's head onto Ollie's body so I can submit it to his application to Notre Dog.

Skylar and I spent at least ten minutes trying to think of what other schools he could apply to. Like Dogmouth. And Barkvard.

~It Just Gets Stranger