I met Meg because we both told stories at The Porch back in 2014. She was funny and I immediately wanted to be friends with her. We ran into each other a time or two after that but I never recognized her because #facialblindness.

Then one day I wrote a less-than-supportive review of the cinematic masterpiece, Jurassic World, and Meg, who is like so obsessed with me, chimed in.

Meg emailed me like four seconds later and was like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WE'VE ALREADY MET LIKE 19 TIMES" and I was like "I HAVE A CONDITION NPR EVEN DID A WHOLE STORY ON IT SO IT'S REAL."

The next thing I knew, Meg and I were writing stuff together and doing some podcast stuff together and going to movies together so I could talk through them while she reconsidered everything. We even went to the Jurassic World sequel together so I could write another, even truer, review.

And I thought, "this is a great friendship where no one hurts anyone else. All we are is kind and supportive."

Then last week Meg texted me that she was watching my skydiving video and she apparently couldn't stop laughing and then next thing I knew she had created an actual GIF of the stupid thing so she could watch her favorite moment on an eternal loop.

This is a hate crime, right? I'm now a victim of a hate crime?

Anyway, please enjoy some Strangerville.

This time in Strangerville, siblings swap poop stories and Meg publicly shames Eli for his less-than-graceful plunge from the sky.StoryMore Poop, More Problems, by Hannah Dahl and Nick MorleyProduction by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger