We're all binging TV shows and movies right now and that's ok. If there is anyone in your life telling you that is not ok, you should get new people for your life.

I can't imagine what social distancing would be like without streaming. You guys. We would have to read books and talk to each other and stuff.

I've honestly been a little surprised that I haven't been watching really that much more TV in the last few weeks than I was previously consuming. Then yesterday I thought about it and realized it would have been kind of hard to starting watching more than I already was. And that made me a little sad about myself. And empty inside. So I filled that emptiness. WITH MORE TV.

I know y'all are already aware that Meg and I record a podcast called Hive Mind where we talk about what we're watching. Bonus this week, Skylar joined us so we could blab about Survivor. And by "we" I mean "I, while Skylar supportively nodded like a good Stepford wife."

By the way, Meg and Clint Betts are doing these daily live shows from The Beehive, mostly to give Utah updates on COVID-19 stuff. They've been amazing. You can find them at noon on The Beehive's Twitter or Facebook accounts (or watch them after the fact). Sometimes they have me on so I can tell stories, usually about poop or vomit. I was on today. You can find my story below around the 20-minute mark. Sorry my hair looks so great.


Anyway, you guys are always hearing about what I'm watching, so I'd love to hear about what Pandemic content you've been burning through. I'll take any and all recommendations.

(For my part, I'm currently devouring Ozark, Tiger King, Schitt's Creek, and rewatching Fleabag. If you want to know what I think about any of those, feel free to ask because I GOT THOUGHTSSS.)

So, yeah. Hit me. (Not literally. I will sue you. I know an average lawyer.)

And while you stew on that, here's some Duncan punkin and Mr. Ollie Pants.

This one is actually Skylar.

~It Just Gets Stranger