I just realized it's been a few years since I gave you a Lost Journal Series entry. I last left off in 1995. It's frankly getting kind of difficult to piece together the timeline at this point because for reasons unclear to me, I started keeping multiple journals at this time, sometimes writing competing and conflicting accounts of my prepubescent experiences. In any event, here are five entries I've just uncovered (both in written form, and a dramatic reading).

August 2, 1995 (11 years old):

Today I want to talk about langauges. My friend Sam and I made up a new langauge and its realy neet. For example insted of saying sounds you just mouth the words and make a sound from your mouth and like noone can even tell what your saying except Sam because he always understands. Sam is my best friend and Im lucky I met him because some people dont even have best friends because there LOOSERS. I think Sam will be my friend for my hole life unless he moves away or I meet someone else or something.

August 4, 1995 (11 years old):

Paul grabed a 5th graders arm and started pintching and scraching it. We had a firedrill at school today while my class was in computer I was playing oregon trail and when we came back inside my people died because diaparthera or something. I dont know. Its stupid. People didnt take medisin back then because I guess they thought it would kill them. People were so stupid in the olden days like they didnt even know about the world was round or have tv or anything. Doug Smithe has been so bad that Mrs. Painter kiked him out of the class and made him go to Mr. Pullens room for 1 week!

August 5, 1995 (11 years old):

Today at school we made a qult for Mrs. Southwick's baby. Carla and Sam's mom came. Sam is my best friend. Hes a lot smarter than me like he gets 100 per sent on all the speling tests except sometimes I think hes too woried about it and he should just RELAX. I think Sam is going to be like a sientist one day or a doctor because he's so smart. My mom was suposed to come but she had to work so my dad was suposed to come but he didnt I really just want to go on a waterslide right now.

September 9, 1995 (11 years old):

Mrs. Southwick moved me so Im not even siting by Sam anymore its not like we were cheeting or anything shes just being really mean for not even any reason!!! I still looked over at Sam during school and I was like ok and he was like shruging his arms so I gues he fills the same way. Whatever. Sam is my best friend and Mrs. Southwick cant ruin it even if shes in a bad mood Im not even sitting by Tim just Stefanie. Mrs. Southwick gives more homework than the substitute!!!

October 1, 1995 (11 years old):

Does any one else get stomachakes or is that just me? I dont know I gues I just get stomachakes sometims because Im woried about things like polushun and fighting. I wish everone would just be niser to each other and then we wouldnt have to have wars and stuf and mabey we would be happyer because it would meen people wouldnt be trying to hate any more and insted just trying to understand that everone is just people. I kind of wish I could just give everone in the world mony and tel them they mater and then mabey it wouldnt be a point to fight any more. I realy want a dog.

~It Just Gets Stranger